The Khanda Club has prominent positions for disseminating the broadcasts of our players and streamers. Join and show your broadcasts to all players in our community on our website, social media, discord, and forum.

How does it work?

We have a reward system that benefits you, streamer. To join, simply become an official Khanda Club

Only transmissions made within the Khanda Club server will be valid. Playing other servers is not eligible under the rewards plan and may be removed from the list of streamers on our website.

The reward will be given in the form of Vip Coin (donate currency).

To be eligible for the reward the player will need to replay for at least 7 days. As the days are added, the gains will be greater. For example:

  • With 7 days of stream, you will receive 50 Vip Coin.
  • With 15 days of stream, you will receive 75 Vip Coin.
  • With 30 days of stream, you will receive110 Vip Coin.

Conclusion: in 30 days of transmission, you earned 235 Vip Coin. See the example below:


Not all candidates will have their channels displayed on our website. We will do a selection process that will take into account the following rules:

  • The selection order will be for users with the highest number of views
  • No selected Streamer will be entitled to stay in our advertising spaces for more than 30 days. This will ensure that you do not benefit too much from other players.

Do you want to become a streamer?

Fill in the information in this form if you want to broadcast regularly from Khanda Club on your channel.

After a brief review, we will send you more details to complete the insertion of your stream channel on our website.

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