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[F.A.Q.] How to make donations and how to get premium accounts?

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Hello Adventurers,

As you probably know, hosting a Lineage 2 server can be quite expensive, especially as the amount of users grow.

We all want a powerful server that has zero lag, while there are thousands of concurrent players online. We also need to pay the domain and the web hosting for this site, and we spend a lot of time testing the server and Despite that, this is a non-lucrative server.

All we want is make enough money to cover the costs and keep it running for as much time as possible while we provide you with the best user experience fixing bugs.

In any case, this server is and will always be free to play, and we will never do P2W stuff as that’s something we hate and we are extremely against it. However, as incentive for all our supporters, we are currently offering a few bonus to acelerate the gameplay, as we know people who works have money but do not have time.


Our website uses the Master Account concept, you can have multiple game account but only one master account.

Your Master Account is created when you make your first game account , your game account is also a forum account.

The Master Account is defined by e-mail, its impacts only for donation and code redeem system.


We strongly recommend you do not share your account, but if you do use a specific e-mail to that and aways use the main account to donate and use the code generation system to send a donation to secondary/shared accounts. 

When you set up a master account for donation propose, you will be asked for personal information,  all data is stored cryptographically with a key of 512 lengths and can not be changed if you need to change it please contact us and we will generate a new key for you.


Use fake information is against our term of service, if you do you can lost all your game accounts and get baned from the server, please be fair.


Khanda is free to play! , so that everyone can enjoy the Lineage II world for free!,
but the server has some expenses with infrastructure and marketing. When buying coin's you will be helping us to grow and maintain the server available at all times.

For players that donate every month we created a fidelity system, that reward you every time you donate.



It also combo with donation bonus, the bonus is calculated based on the Amount of Vip Coin purchased.


It's important to say that Vip Coins received from code do not increase your fidelity points, only the original donator will receive the bonus.

If you play with CP or Clan you can make a donation with only one account and generate gift codes to your teammates.

The user that uses this for not the natural purpose will get banned as away.



Enjoy !

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