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New server SIKH 3x

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Hello everyone, we do not stoped to work on this server, in fact we slowed down for a while and we will be back to develop it next week.


Our new project will be called "SIKH" a world that mean "strong and tenacious disciple",  it is also used for religius proupose but its not our case, just a coinsidence 😅


This project will be harder than your first server khanda 7x, we want to increase the value of the player-to-player commerce and team work, the vip system and monetization (yes keep a server running cost and we need to make it rentable) will also be changed.

The server will be progressive, it means, that we will start in the C1-like (PvE, farm, community making, market, Raids) and evolving it to H5-like(PVP, endgame, clan wars), but using the same client. We will post more details when we release our closed beta soon.

We will have the same stable infrastructure, as before, our engine is under development, faster, stable and more resilient, its totally exclusive, no one has the same. 

Our mission is to deliver a truly lineage experience, not a momentaneous pleasure with "hype" week and fast endgame, every time we reach to the stage of "end-game" new content will be included
Your character will be challenged to become the best every new cycle.



Stay tuned to future updates about the new project.

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On 10/11/2020 at 1:39 PM, Aharae said:



Be carreful with the boxes, it can kill a server.


Any dates to announce ?



That's is a really good point!


We are discusing that aspects here, you are welcome to join us at


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