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Listen, We has something important to say...

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Hello Adventurers!

We remain ever so grateful that you have been with us the whole time and cherish every moment we had together. This project has become an important part of all of us! Therefore there is one thing that has to be reported and we do it with a heavy heart: Khanda 7x will be closed on 5th of July.


Although, our project was very well explained and designed here https://khanda.club/l2/about, but the lineage2 community unfortunately did not accept well a dynamic, active server, with constant development and improvements, and it was the main cause of evasion.

Players always want the conventional, Interlude, H5 or Classic, but even they did not last long in the official production company and only the evolution will bring constancy and gameplay that we want, but now a new kind of servers are emerging and probably will be accepted.

We are not saying adieu, This is a sunset of a day that's come to end and after the night we will arise for a new day!

A imagem pode conter: céu, nuvem, atividades ao ar livre e natureza

This project was a success without a doubt. And we will try more and more, trying to grow the community and make this a refugie to all players that want a fair play, active community and resilient system.

We provided the best.

  • 10 Gigabits Network with 5 servers interconected to provide stability and performance.
  • 5 Proxies to provide the best ping for all users across the globe to delivery a trully international server.
  • 3 Active/Friendly and professional GMs  on bussiness time and 2 Community Managers to deal with players and the community.
  • Our system is exclusive, software developed by I.T. professionals, not amateur programing, using state-of-the-art hardware and software.
  • Exclusive PTS formulas and Files to provide more close to real lineage2 possible.
  • Reworked Game Client to provide best performance possible with Unreal Engine 2.4.
  • First Class server, many copies started after , even coping our systems like Khanda Streamers Program, texts and even the game client and hacked it to use in their own projects.


We archived some incredible marks:

  • Our online player record was 896 characters, from 632 unique accounts and 478 unique computers.
  • 3259 unique players (computers) passed through us, more than 5,000 accounts created.
  • 99,9999998% of uplink, no downtime, even under DDoS attacks.
  • more than 4000€ of investments .


That is not the end of the news!

We will start a new project and you are more tham welcome to start this new journey.

There is one more reason why you should go and enjoy the last days of Khanda 7x. The top100 character with the highest level and EXP on a Master account active on this last 30 days will receive a cool gift in our new project — That will be released more details soon. If you decide to continue your journey in this new world of Lineage 2, the gift will help you to comfortably start the new project.

Also, we have one more going-away surprise, but we'll tell you later. Follow us on social media and discord and don’t miss it!




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