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Maintenance planned for Monday, Jun 8th - 15:00 UTC

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We want to let you know about a planned maintenance period on Monday, June 8th, 2020, 15:00 UTC (14:00 server time).

All Server services related will be unavailable for up to 20 minutes.



Bug Fix/Improvements and Changes

  • ! will be temporary activated as global chat to help te newbies to understand the server.
  • Returning hero/Newbie items fix grade to C grade.
  • Rework blows skills:
    • Confirmed retail chances.
    • Confirmed Geodata functions for backstab
    •  Note: only deals damage when the blow succeeds.
  • Vote Reward changes
    • Include new vote system  .l2jbrazil or .votebrazil, cumulative reward, you will be able to get both, hop zone and l2jbrazil rewards.
    • Now a small chance to get a lv4 Jewel box.
    • Increase Vote Reward items from 1 daily coin 100% to 5 daily coins 100%, with 10% of chance to get more.
  • Global Drop Chances
    •  Increase Jewel Power Fragment (JPF) drop rate, 0,001% now is 0,005% (Premium account and drop rates affect the chance) 
    • Increase Jewel Coin drop rate from 0,01% to 0,05%
    • Now when the deals a chance to drop the Daily Coin, JPF, and Jewel Coin will be distributed to the whole party, and not just to the one who killed the mob.

Raid boss is one of the most controversial subjects on the server, we believe that the interlude did not work well on the status of epic bosses inherited from previous chronicles based on the new statuses of the characters, so as we are generally lowering the multiplication of boss statuses we will make some changes to the epics that already existed in C5.

This is a little hardcore, but if you have goals you will do anything to achieve them.

  • Reduce All Bosses Defense and Attack in 50%. (before it was enchanted in 2x, not its 1,5x)
  • Queen Ant changes
    • Exp Base same as Classic
    • Base HP is now 869k (Classic like https://l2wiki.com/classic/Queen_Ant), interlude value is 140k
    • Remove extra Raid Figthers
    • Include Low-grade C Armors and Weapons
  • Core/Orfen Changes
  • Zaken 
    • Confirmed retail AI.
    • At day time he will not disappear, at Night time it buff mad skill with regen.
    • For future works we will work to develop a mechanic to it change appearence in daytime and night time, for now its appearence is the black one.
    • No changes were made (as NCSoft didn't as well it keeps the retail status)
    • S6Kbru7.png?width=1189&height=630
  • In General:
    • Only total HP was updated to Classic Status for open world Epic Bosses, defenses and other attributes didn't changed at all.
    • No updates were made on skills/defense or other attributes, in fact they have less defence since its droped from 2x to 1,5x 
  • New Status for Bloody Cloak and Beta Tester Cloak
    • image.png
      • Base p.def + 36
      • Base m.def +22 
      • +3% PvP Defense

New event:

  • Start the event L2Day


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It was days prior to my journey to the Caribbean, my boss came to me and also asked if it held true that I had some extra paving I was trying to flog, I said yes I had a fair bit so he offered to take the whole lot.


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I was going to go Billy B6 on my poncy ride, but went with B4 and Im not sorry.

I have Koni sports on my 945 set to soft on the front and medium on the rear. Nice ride that.

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