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  1. I agree with the point of view about the Olys, my vote is yes for the oly hold up. The same applies to the Mammon, with more A-Grade and S-Grade, it, even more, demotivate new players as said to oly, and what it represents, mammon is a natural break of the server, as far people are active the access to A-Grade and S-Grade is easy. The seal was very close to break... and the avarice was broken with no resistance. So my vote for mammon is not, we do not deserve this, it was the player's fault not the server or game fault, and I do not agree with such kind of intervention in the server gameplay. We can do nothing it was not the server fault or low population, it was because people were not wise, with 4 windows, they use all in avarice, we split our mates between the half gnosis and Half avarice because we wanted the BoM and the MoM, but only 4 players were not enough to break the seal of gnosis, at least 10 players.
  2. First of all, this is my overview of what I noticed in the update, I am an experienced lineage player and I was born in the 70s, so respect me I am an elder. And I'll express myself about this update: The server came up with a unique proposal, to bring an nostalgic but balanced game, to know that the interlude is nowhere near balanced, with immortal necromancers, titans doing more damage than Valakas himself. I understand that the project when it left the beta was not 100%, it still had things that we had reported and also that we had suggested, just like other players did. The staff has limited resources and it is not like magic that things happen, I have worked with programmers and I know how it works. I particularly liked the update, it came with strengths that brought the gameplay to forgotten classes: Warsmith: Only needed to sit down and craft, nothing else, even on siege I do not saw any golem, Titans was enough to break the castle doors. Elven Elder: Amazing class to play, with an exclusive buff to reduce mana consumption and the best recharger for every class. Shilen Elder: Low healer skills, not useful in PvP or PvE, OK Empower and Vampiric Rage Tanks: Why I need one if my Titan can recovery the full Hp with one hit? Useless... Sword Singer: I'm not a tank, I'm not a damage dealer, I just sing and ppl use me every 10 minutes, just a singer little bi**h Blade Dance: Nice stigma damage, hex, and dances every 10 minutes, useless as the main class too. Tanks with interlude status were not even used to make a boss, their aggro didn’t even hold weak bosses like the Cabrio, their damage was ridiculous, it wasn’t possible to level solo, so few such classes were done, Vanguard brought it back to the Tanks, the same goes for the Inquisitor in healers (Bishop, Shilen Elder, and Elven Elder). The M.def up and magic skills reflection comes up with a new strategic class against the dangerous mages that deals a lot of damage. The most controversial skill, rush, ok rush is dangerous, but brings a little more dynamic to the game, in interlude the melee classes were too slow, without Rush, archers and mages can comfortably kill their enemies without any effort, they have DC robe with speed or super speedy archers. A skill with 20 seconds of reuse (fixed) will not make a difference if the anchor enters or if the fear hits, the same for the stun shot. Rush will really bring PVP dynamism, so I hope and foresee it. Hide and Detect, the eternal fight against archers and daggers, Hide is a huge advantage for daggers, doing propose for those Ladino classes, they can sneak around their target and inflict a mortal blow, that's very exciting, without Hide, how suppose a dagger goes to its target, running? to take a Stun Shot or Anchor in its face, with low p.def and low m.def, no way, that's the reason why I won't saw any daggers in this server yet, I only was seeing some mages, a lot of titans, I hope it will change now. Summoner I have not much to say, a skill to overhit, spirit sharing, okay, not much changed, and without re-summon infinite is great and balanced for me. Titan Frenzy, the cherry-pick of this update, as I said, interlude titans have a God mode called frenzy, for 1 minute and 30 seconds, with reuse based on haste, with daggers with risk. haste kaboom! infinite frenzy god mode. Now the frenzy is balanced, not much p.atk but some other attributes such as haste, speed, and critical damage and critical rate, with the Lvl 5 with very powerful p.atk below 30% It was infamous how raids were disintegrated with 2 minutes even with raids 3x or its powers, now the things become more challenging and balanced, I guess it will be better in pvp than pve now. Reinforcements of Warsmith, that's a thing! This class is very nice to be played and giving some extra buffs is nice, because without 300% p.atk of destroyers we will need more damage, and the wordsmiths are here to enhance or weapons and armors. The mass cure for Shilen Elder and Elven elder is a nice thing because those healers were not used in raid bosses, Baium and Antharas, for example, has deadly paralyzes and now can be removed with help of those amazing skills, a plus for Shilen Elder stigma, that helps a lot the nerf of p.atk of titan, bring more dynamic to raids. Doing this such service is no easy task, congratulation to all staff, and move on, don't demoralize because one or 9 ppl who left from the server just because their unbalanced classes own will win anymore. My best witches for the server!
  3. I Guess it do not cause any impacto to the server +1
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