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  1. I think they should shout ! again globally as at the moment we are few users on the server
  2. Dexter

    Hola a todos!

    Hola Pedro, si hay mucha gente de habla hispana pero no veo que usen mucho el foro, ingame te los vas a encontrar. Saludos
  3. Dexter

    Shadow weapon D

    after restarting the server this problem appeared no exchange ss with Strien
  4. Dexter

    Shadow weapon D

    yes, in interlude you received 15 shadow D and C And why are only weapons grade C and above sold?
  5. Dexter

    Siege Castle

    When I try to register as an attacker in the siege of the castle it tells me that only clans of level 3 or above can participate and I have raised the clan to level 3.
  6. Dexter


    The fortress are going to be enabled? I have been to some of them and there is no guard for siege registration and these are not shown on the map either
  7. Veo por las fotos que hablan español, Si, tuve dos drops buenos. El Premo me tiro Chain Gaiter (C) 7.62% de drop Y el Pan tiro Reinforced Leather Shirt (D) 16.74% de drop (Pmfun)
  8. Dexter

    Heine city map

    The map in the city of Heine does not show where your character is located only that of your party
  9. testing me too No luck with drop
  10. Dexter

    Buff Bug

    Hola Sorcerita, No conozco prácticamente nada del L2 Classic pero creo que como ese buff del gorro el es mismo al del scroll (pero en menos % de exp/sp) no se suman sino que te queda el de mayor lv.
  11. Register Clan is not working.
  12. Dexter


    Hey guys I’d like to ask you if you’re planning on adding the evolution of baby pets and the wolf.
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