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  1. sorcerita

    Augmented Bug

    Hola queria preguntar si se arreglara lo de Augmented, ya que al realizarlo no muestra que efecto es. Kisses, zoWI.
  2. the final donation npc, is it already finished and placed on the server?
  3. Testinggg Shot00001.bmp
  4. sorcerita

    Buff Bug

    here it is better to see what my clan leader says
  5. Hello, I am checking that the XP buffs, both scroll, Angel cat energy and dragon fruit overlap eliminating the previous one, and in turn occupy 1 buff slot, it shouldn't happen where is my cloak ? jaj :P
  6. sorcerita


    Hello, I wanted to consult for the skilles of this chronicle. Will the skils of all the characters be based on interlude? higfive? classic? rate debuff? It would be good to provide more information about it to know what we are going to find.
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