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  1. You have other sites also. L2network, l2oops etc... topzone is known to be a load of crap in the community!
  2. One issue is some people are 70+ now, if you limit it to 65 you are handing a massive advantage to them. If this was to be done it needs to be done quick and equal to the highest level on the server to be fair, so I would recommend setting it at 73 max.
  3. I spot a final fantasy fan with that name!
  4. When you say you "lost", did you lose at the first reward? If you are trying to get up to EWC (4th reward if I remember), it's quite a low chance to get there. I think winning the first round is 50/50?
  5. Following on from a day of killing leaving a trail of bones of my dead enemies behind, I went down for a drink by the beach under the full moon. I might add this is currently illegal in the majority of the world, do stay at home and stay safe as much as you can outside of Elmoreden!
  6. On the list of buffs is Emp 2 from the 2nd buff scrolls, they dont give it currently however.
  7. Amrx

    Server population

    Agreed, post up on Maxcheaters and PMfun also guys, bump up the topics there.
  8. Amrx

    Bugs found so far

    You need to fix this exp rate issue also, it should be x7 but we are all getting x2 rates!
  9. Amrx

    Exp Rate

    So the server rate is x7, yet the rate is x2 (super low exp rate and checked with .whoami) currently? Fix it asap please, we are losing lots of players to these issues that were never in beta!
  10. With the server soon to launch, we are looking forward to join here and hope to have a good long laugh and lots of fun here. We are an English speaking, European clan who have a focus on parties, working together as a team and enjoying this game as much as we can. We are far from no-lifers anymore and want to make each hour we spend in game count. We have our own Discord also. Whilst we are not "recruiting" per say, hit us up if you think you are of a similar mindset, especially if you are a dwarf, archer, bishop or tank! See you all in game.
  11. You could try revolut, quite a bit cheaper than PayPal as in you won't get charged a transaction fee. Okay good to know you are getting PayPal sorted also.
  12. Can I ask why there is no PayPal link to donate to? Looking at the other services, a €10 donation using my Amex would cost me €14.25 to do! That's a joke and I don't use other methods nor want to, considering 90% of EU players will have PayPal not having it is causing a lot of loss funds for yourselves.
  13. Amrx

    Bugs found so far

    Just regarding land rate, I was using a clock but had elven jewels from shop and normal buffs. Would be even higher land rate with epics I guess. About the augments, I am more worried about the fact I used so many top ls and didn't get a single function on it, that is basically removing the need for lifestones as it is. Unless it's a visual bug, it would be great to see however what we are getting from our stones. What is the rate for active/passive skills? With a top ls and burning through 20 of them, I would expect something different than just yellow augments (I.e purple skill ones). Yeah this virus sucks and hope the other member is on the mend, best of luck for a fast recovery and family is more important than doing dev work for a game.
  14. Nah not at all, 50/50 mix of players to Devs but it terms of server posting you still get thousands of views a month there. Most more popular than Pmfun for finding private Lineage 2 servers.
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