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  1. Hello Fellow Adventurers, We are a friendly Clan with people from all around the world, our main target is to enjoy the game & through Teamwork achieve high targets. Main language spoken in clan chat : English We got our own Discord Server Providing: We will assist you with all the knowledge required around the server, Positive environment and great community, Rewarding System unlocked through achievements. Looking for: English Speaking even if its low, body language will do the rest Attitude it's all about respecting each other and investing in long-life term strong bonding. If you are interested to join our clan please PM here or if you want in game just pm Griever. Kind regards, Fellow adventurer
  2. I am indeed old school FF Fun
  3. For me Summer is the simplicity of life and lots of gathering, and the best way to enjoy all of them together is to be disconnected from the everyday loop we living in, That's Why Camping, Helps Relaxing and Enjoying of the Vacation Mood.
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