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  1. Already voted What aboute the daaaateess ? : p
  2. Hello, Be carreful with the boxes, it can kill a server. Any dates to announce ? Thx
  3. HEllo, up ? All of the huntings ones are like this ! Come on !
  4. Hello, I've this daily quest in my list of quests today : But as a bishop, i will strugle , not say wont be able to do it. Can you please make it for parties ? It is a non sense to ask this to support classes... Thank you !
  5. Hello, I just logged on the website, vote, and typed : .hopzone. As you can see I got an error, I tried a second time and had the reuse message : What did i do wrong please? Thank you.
  6. Nice ! Is the reward automatic ? When doest it start ?
  7. Contained in Rune... I hope you have the same luck !!! (2formats ) Shot00001.bmp
  8. Aharae


    French thread
  9. Aharae

    Regarding Donations

    Hello, Just a remark. On this link : https://khanda.club/forum/topic/49-our-premium-account-system/ First image says : 1e = 1 VIP coins. and later in the page (under the table) we see : 20 VIP coins = 1e. What is it in the end ?
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