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  1. Str1x

    Shadow weapon D

    I think he meant that Shadow Weapon D can't be bought for Adena. Also, thanks for fast replies and compensations!
  2. Str1x

    Shadow weapon D

    Yeah, i know about Priests, but I have no coupons, so... Even if you think 15 is too much (actually never used them all before), but 1 is not enough. Mages, basically, can lvlup with NG weapon till 40 lvl, but melee classes will have problem like scavengers, that will spoil recources from lowlvl mobs. 15 coupons is a reward for the class changing quest. For example: this is popular russian la2 wiki (sorry, it's in russian) you can click Interlude tab and for every class quest it have 15 coupons as one of rewards https://linedia.ru/wiki/Shadow_Item_Exchange_Coupon_(D-Grade)
  3. Str1x

    Shadow weapon D

    Where can I buy any D grade shadow weapons? There was only one ticket after class change and it wasn't enough to farm enough money to buy normal weapon. Also isn't it suppose to be 15 tickets at class change?
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