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  1. That's is a really good point! We are discusing that aspects here, you are welcome to join us at
  2. Hello, thanks and welcome back to Khanda! We intend to keep advertising on main platforms, and for sure a lot of organics advertise with our players, we will reformulate the streamer program and include a new vote system soon. Our goal is to administrate the donations and all incoming to balance between server costs and advertisements. Last time we put a lot of effort into infrastructure that was not used as expected and the advertising was not effective enough. To make this project reliable we need at least 1k players active, note that is not average online, but unique person active in the game. Yes, we agree, but if no one does someone must do, we love this game, we really want to get back all these players that lost the hope due to many projects (even the official) that ruin the game. We must believe in that, that why we still working on.
  3. Awnsering a question that came from our facebook, from a user that don't wanna be identified: "How long will remain each chapter?" The short awnser is, we don't know, Our community that will dictate the pace of that journey, although we want to explore as much of each content as possible. "Are there more things being planned?" Yes, we haven't released everything yet, just what you already know, we have many plans and good ideas for this server. We are experienced RPG players, we will certainly bring a lot of cool things to make the game even more immersive for you.
  4. Hello noble adventurers, I would like to share with you our first draft of how we are going to conduct the khanda 3x progressively. Our main objective is to create a server for experienced players and bring players who have never had contact with the game to experience an immersive, dynamic world full of stories and fantasies. Server info: Brief server description EXP - x3 SP - x2 Adena - x1 Drop - x2 chance Spoil - x2 chance SealStone - x2 Raid EXP - x1 Raid Drop - x1 Sever Features: The classic version of the game, the spirit of the Middle Ages, and the conciseness of the L2 world are preserved! Server Rate: Compared to other chronicles, they are gradually decreasing A fair balance of 31 classes and 5 races (without Kamael and Ertheia) Hardcore character development, maximum level - 80 Game client from Classic, stable and optimized Classical economics, craft from D to S grade Olympiad Require Nobless Status. Rewards and daily tasks No continent Gracia, seamless medieval world Party raids with looking for group system Obtaining 1,2,3 class, sub-class, or noblesse - requires completing the full quest. Instance, party, and solo raids with looking for group system. We will do this in 6 Chapters, and we would like to open this here with you so that you can give your opinion and give feedback. Any question ? Would you like to sugest something?
  5. Hello everyone, we do not stoped to work on this server, in fact we slowed down for a while and we will be back to develop it next week. Our new project will be called "SIKH" a world that mean "strong and tenacious disciple", it is also used for religius proupose but its not our case, just a coinsidence This project will be harder than your first server khanda 7x, we want to increase the value of the player-to-player commerce and team work, the vip system and monetization (yes keep a server running cost and we need to make it rentable) will also be changed. The server will be progressive, it means, that we will start in the C1-like (PvE, farm, community making, market, Raids) and evolving it to H5-like(PVP, endgame, clan wars), but using the same client. We will post more details when we release our closed beta soon. We will have the same stable infrastructure, as before, our engine is under development, faster, stable and more resilient, its totally exclusive, no one has the same. Our mission is to deliver a truly lineage experience, not a momentaneous pleasure with "hype" week and fast endgame, every time we reach to the stage of "end-game" new content will be included Your character will be challenged to become the best every new cycle. Stay tuned to future updates about the new project.
  6. Hello Adventurers! We remain ever so grateful that you have been with us the whole time and cherish every moment we had together. This project has become an important part of all of us! Therefore there is one thing that has to be reported and we do it with a heavy heart: Khanda 7x will be closed on 5th of July. Although, our project was very well explained and designed here https://khanda.club/l2/about, but the lineage2 community unfortunately did not accept well a dynamic, active server, with constant development and improvements, and it was the main cause of evasion. Players always want the conventional, Interlude, H5 or Classic, but even they did not last long in the official production company and only the evolution will bring constancy and gameplay that we want, but now a new kind of servers are emerging and probably will be accepted. We are not saying adieu, This is a sunset of a day that's come to end and after the night we will arise for a new day! This project was a success without a doubt. And we will try more and more, trying to grow the community and make this a refugie to all players that want a fair play, active community and resilient system. We provided the best. 10 Gigabits Network with 5 servers interconected to provide stability and performance. 5 Proxies to provide the best ping for all users across the globe to delivery a trully international server. 3 Active/Friendly and professional GMs on bussiness time and 2 Community Managers to deal with players and the community. Our system is exclusive, software developed by I.T. professionals, not amateur programing, using state-of-the-art hardware and software. Exclusive PTS formulas and Files to provide more close to real lineage2 possible. Reworked Game Client to provide best performance possible with Unreal Engine 2.4. First Class server, many copies started after , even coping our systems like Khanda Streamers Program, texts and even the game client and hacked it to use in their own projects. We archived some incredible marks: Our online player record was 896 characters, from 632 unique accounts and 478 unique computers. 3259 unique players (computers) passed through us, more than 5,000 accounts created. 99,9999998% of uplink, no downtime, even under DDoS attacks. more than 4000€ of investments . That is not the end of the news! We will start a new project and you are more tham welcome to start this new journey. There is one more reason why you should go and enjoy the last days of Khanda 7x. The top100 character with the highest level and EXP on a Master account active on this last 30 days will receive a cool gift in our new project — That will be released more details soon. If you decide to continue your journey in this new world of Lineage 2, the gift will help you to comfortably start the new project. Also, we have one more going-away surprise, but we'll tell you later. Follow us on social media and discord and don’t miss it!
  7. [CM]Chakkar

    L2 Day Event

    Collect letters from the monsters to spell out the words: NCSOFT, THRONE, and LINEAGE II. If you bring these letters to the Event Manager in the villages, you will have a chance to win great L2 Day prizes! The event will be held on the 8th and 30th June. An Event NPC will be added to every Twon, after event end the NPC will e add to MDT once the event is finished so you can still exchange letters after the event. For each collected word you will get one of the items below: L2Day – Little Angel Wings* L2Day – Scroll of Greater Acumen x2 L2Day – Scroll of Haste x2 L2Day – Scroll of Agility x2 L2Day – Scroll of Mystic Empower x2 L2Day – Scroll of Might x2 L2Day – Scroll of Windwalk x2 L2Day – Scroll of Shield x2 L2Day – Scroll of Guidance x2 L2Day – Scroll of Death Whisper x2 L2Day – Scroll of Focus x2 Queen Ant's Ring* Power Stone* Enchants and Blessed Enchants D~S* L2Day – Rabbit ears* L2Day – Scroll of Greater Acumen x1 L2Day – Scroll of Haste x1 L2Day – Scroll of Agility x1 L2Day – Scroll of Mystic Empower x1 L2Day – Scroll of Might x1 L2Day – Scroll of Windwalk x1 L2Day – Scroll of Shield x1 L2Day – Scroll of Guidance x1 L2Day – Scroll of Death Whisper x1 L2Day – Scroll of Focus x1 Orfen Earring* Jewel Box* Enchants and Blessed Enchants D~S* L2Day – Feathered Hat* L2Day – Scroll of Greater Acumen x2 L2Day – Scroll of Haste x2 L2Day – Scroll of Agility x2 L2Day – Scroll of Mystic Empower x2 L2Day – Scroll of Might x2 L2Day – Scroll of Windwalk x2 L2Day – Scroll of Shield x2 L2Day – Scroll of Guidance x2 L2Day – Scroll of Death Whisper x2 L2Day – Scroll of Focus x2 Baium Ring* Jewel Box Lvl 4* Enchants and Blessed Enchants D~S* * Very low chance
  8. Well, we do not have a mana potion like other server, but we have mana drug, that recover 20% of you mp over 3 seconds with 30 seconds of reuse. You will find it in NPC Strien in every town Or In Khanda Shop (Community Board / Alt+B) using VIP Coins You also will receive the "Warrior MP recovery Potion" when lvl up ,with similar effect but with less power of Mana Drug.
  9. No, we don't have but, clan halls can ofer you a good alternative to get buffs, We also have Buff Scroll that support you with basic buffs You will also receive until lvl 52, 1hour of basic buffs from our NPC [GM]Lassana, you can find she in all initial cities, plus Dion, Gludio and Giran Since you can login up to 3 extra boxes (4 game clients total) you can care some support and help a friend to lvl up when he/she is not available.
  10. The short awnser is yes and no, Our server is truly based on Interlude PTS files into a very exclusive source code, and powerful software, our client is based on Secret Empire Classic, reduced and reworked to support Interlude Itens, and also H5 and Classic skills and items. You ask why and why we did it. I will answer you, the Interlude client has completely outlived itself - you will not see a single game server that would not modify the client interface and which, as a rule, is made very crookedly, which leads to endless crush during the game process! The original game producer didn't care about this game roots, and all you will find is a pay-to-win servers with full money oriend, here we have a project in player-experience-oriented. We went the other way, we took a completely new, fast and stable client and transferred the content to everyone beloved and balanced Interlude! And what we got great! We are proud of our work and are willing to do an excellent job here, but all of this is in vain if people don't believe in the server. Here you will not find: - GM giving items fulls or paying clans to play. - Impartiality in solving problems. - Favouritism. However, you can expect from us: - Speed to respond and meet all requests. - A stable and secure server, meeting the highest security standards. - A team engaged and motivated to create a solid and lasting community.
  11. We want to let you know about a planned maintenance period on Monday, June 8th, 2020, 15:00 UTC (14:00 server time). All Server services related will be unavailable for up to 20 minutes. Bug Fix/Improvements and Changes ! will be temporary activated as global chat to help te newbies to understand the server. Returning hero/Newbie items fix grade to C grade. Rework blows skills: Confirmed retail chances. Confirmed Geodata functions for backstab Note: only deals damage when the blow succeeds. Vote Reward changes Include new vote system .l2jbrazil or .votebrazil, cumulative reward, you will be able to get both, hop zone and l2jbrazil rewards. Now a small chance to get a lv4 Jewel box. Increase Vote Reward items from 1 daily coin 100% to 5 daily coins 100%, with 10% of chance to get more. Global Drop Chances Increase Jewel Power Fragment (JPF) drop rate, 0,001% now is 0,005% (Premium account and drop rates affect the chance) Increase Jewel Coin drop rate from 0,01% to 0,05% Now when the deals a chance to drop the Daily Coin, JPF, and Jewel Coin will be distributed to the whole party, and not just to the one who killed the mob. Raid boss is one of the most controversial subjects on the server, we believe that the interlude did not work well on the status of epic bosses inherited from previous chronicles based on the new statuses of the characters, so as we are generally lowering the multiplication of boss statuses we will make some changes to the epics that already existed in C5. This is a little hardcore, but if you have goals you will do anything to achieve them. Reduce All Bosses Defense and Attack in 50%. (before it was enchanted in 2x, not its 1,5x) Queen Ant changes Exp Base same as Classic Base HP is now 869k (Classic like https://l2wiki.com/classic/Queen_Ant), interlude value is 140k Remove extra Raid Figthers Include Low-grade C Armors and Weapons Core/Orfen Changes Exp Base same as Classic Base HP is now 1.1kk (Classic like ), Interlude value is 261k. (https://l2wiki.com/classic/Core / https://l2wiki.com/classic/Orfen) Include Top-Grade C armors and weapons Zaken Confirmed retail AI. At day time he will not disappear, at Night time it buff mad skill with regen. For future works we will work to develop a mechanic to it change appearence in daytime and night time, for now its appearence is the black one. No changes were made (as NCSoft didn't as well it keeps the retail status) In General: Only total HP was updated to Classic Status for open world Epic Bosses, defenses and other attributes didn't changed at all. No updates were made on skills/defense or other attributes, in fact they have less defence since its droped from 2x to 1,5x New Status for Bloody Cloak and Beta Tester Cloak Base p.def + 36 Base m.def +22 +3% PvP Defense New event: Start the event L2Day
  12. Want to touch the hardcore old-school Lineage 2 world, but worried about other players being high-level or that you won’t like the game? Never mind! We have created all the necessary conditions for your comfortable gaming. Just give yourself a chance! In case you decide to spend some time here, we have a nice deal for you! We have mission system and you receive bonus every level: We have special boost packs for newcomers. You don’t need to worry about the high level players who started their journey earlier than you. Every new character will receive a “Newbie Gift” in the inventory. Inside you will find useful items that will be a good basis for the brave warriors, who decided to start their way from the beginning, to go up until 60-s lvl. Opening the newbie box you will receive 4 items: What’s inside the box? Open the box to receive all of the following boxes: e Each box you will receive an exclusive weapon acordly of the armor chosen Welcome to Khanda Club!
  13. We decided to extend for more couple days, but the clan wall auction will not be available for clans bellow lvl 5.
  14. We have detected that people are farming clan halls to aquire Power Stones Fragments, and it brings our attention to some aspects The rent price is fair for the server rate? the answer is no, one mob in Imperial Tomb pays the rent for 2 days. The acquisition is easy for anyone or must be a clan enforce? The answer is really no, for 2 aspects: Our interlude engine allows clan halls to be auctioned by clans LVL 2 or above, this is a legacy of old days where have an LVL 3 clan was like have a clan LVL 5. The power stone is not designed for this and may its the reason people try to hire all clan halls of the game. In line with the project's concept of preventing the game from going unbalanced/unfair Out of reality, we have decided to make some changes to the clan hall system that will be available July 4th 0h server time. The rent price will be increased by 2x The minimal Clan Level to acquire a clan hall will be Lvl 5 All clans below lvl 5 will get their clan halls removed automatically by the new rule A refund will be send manually to clan leader of each clan to clan hall base price.
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