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  3. Could somone recommend a Scalp Treatments Bath and Beauty wholesaler? Thanks xox
  4. I was going to go Billy B6 on my poncy ride, but went with B4 and Im not sorry. I have Koni sports on my 945 set to soft on the front and medium on the rear. Nice ride that.
  5. JoshuaBup

    Hola a todos!

    Hola a todos Soy ParvusDomus y acabo de registrarme para participar en Turbotónico. Aún no sé que personaje me haré y me tengo que leer las reglas, después de comer me lo miro todo. Espero que lo pasemos bien
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  8. Auction is the place where you can buy and sell items using VIP Coins. This system enables players who can donate to buy items from people that may can not, so VIP coins become a parallel currency in the game, for now only Weapons Armors, and Jewels can be sold by this Auctioneer. You will be able to search by name. Is our intention to keep improving this npc in the future according to our community needs. If you click on Sell, the list of allowed items will appear and you can click on the Auction link to start the processes: While in the auction, the item is held by the NPC and you will be charged a small fee of 1 VIP Coin. You can get your item back anytime (if not sold yet) paying a small refund fee of 1 VIP Coin. When your item has been sold you will automatically receive the price paid by the buyer on the character who sold the item.
  9. With our December 10th launch approaching, we have been scrutinizing our feature list, taking input from our Alpha audience, and listening to what they enjoyed (or didn’t!) about the current server. We're incredibly grateful for all of the support and suggestions from our Alpha players, ranging from the folks who spent your time testing the New Sikh 3x to those who just sampled -- it's all valuable. I’m proud of the hard work the team has done, making the server ready for launch with the features we intended for release. We also have a list of features that we planned to start working on once we were in live development, as that is part of operating an MMO. When we examined the feedback we received over the last months from our Alpha audience, we saw that players like the Server, and they would like to see even more of it. In particular, we want to ensure that the most dedicated players have plenty of middle and endgame experiences as they venture through Elmore. We want our players to feel completely immersed in the game, and know that our team stands for quality, security, and lasting gameplay you can trust — and that means added time to get things where we want them before we fully release. As a result, we will be changing our launch date - and correspondingly, our final beta test - to ASAP (joking ) we plan to launch it at the end of December or beginning of January. We don't make the decision lightly, and we have an urgency about getting the server live to you as quickly as possible at the best quality -- with some additions that will make the experience even better. Some of the extra content like a new website look and features like wiki, database explorer, starter packs, donation gauge, and more are under development. A new launcher is also under development and the main reason for our delay, this launcher will make the game content delivery faster and secure, prooving a professional grade quality to our server. We’re passionate about the Server we’ve been making and want to add more features and content before we share it with a wider audience. As a thank you to our community, we will be providing a special opportunity for our Beta sign-up (plus our Alpha testers, thank you!) to play our server - in its current state, for a limited period of time starting on December 10th. We’re confident that you’ll feel that the server has as much promise as we do, and will understand why we want to take the extra time to make this experience the best it can be at release. - Chakkar, Khanda Project Leader
  10. [CM]Chakkar

    How to log in

    Hello! Our old launcher is disabled, you must launch the game using system/l2.exe
  11. Aharae

    How to log in

    Hello team, Sorry but I did not manage to log into the closed beta server. What is the procedure plz ? (I have downloaded the full client + the system / systexture folders). Maybe I miss the right credentials ? But used the same as for the forum and did not work ... Thank you
  12. Dear friends, I'm very proud to invite you to enjoy our New server 3x closed beta. We are calling this Closed Beta Test because we do not intend to advertise it in paid channels. If you are reading, it is because you are one of the engaged users we want for our closed beta. You can also invite your friends to test with you. All new characters will start with 5k Vip Coins, chek out beta teste menu at Alt+B (community board) You can find out our client download at https://khanda.club/l2/download, its recommended use our client but if you have a client Fafurion or superior you can install only the essential files: (but you will get some map issues) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pEJvWgGy6ispOD9smMGHJNzrYz_vUyHQ/view?usp=sharing Please use system/l2.exe to launch the game. The level cap of the server is 55 (not 50 as announced for chapter 1 because we are doing some changes on that) Please few free to contact me or post any bug found in our support forum. https://khanda.club/forum/forum/52-bug-report/ More info about the project follow the discussion topic:
  13. Hello Khanda, About this sick Sikh server, do you plan a beta test launch before official to avoid any incoveniences ? Thank you, Aharae
  14. Hello Everyone, just to announce that our 3x server haven now it own sub-forum: https://khanda.club/forum/forum/43-sikh-3x/
  15. Lineage 2 started as a hobby and ended up being a kind of second life for us. Sometimes we got tired and stopped for a while. Although we always came back. Now, we are at a point in our lives when the original game developer chose a path that we don't want to take, and virtually all private servers out there are just scam. That's why we decided to open our own server, because we need Lineage 2 to be awesome again. It is our personal goal! After over 2 year of research and development, we have finally reached a place where we feel comfortable launching what will be the best private server to ever cover Lineage 2 with Originality. This being the case, we wanted to take a moment to let our player base know a few things about what will be happening here. Atmosphere In game chat will not be heavily policed. However, extreme toxicity can include chat, forum,discord or even account ban. The Khanda team have dedicated many hours to bring you what we believe to be the best Lineage 2 private server ever; we will not tolerate the types of people that ruin the game for others. Be an adult, use your judgement, and this won't be an issue for you. Balance We strive to bring you the most balanced PvP experience to date. Several known deficiencies have already been addressed, and we will continue to monitor for any imperfections that are found in the gameplay. We also understand that PvP isn't for everyone. We have, and plan to continually improve your PvE experiences as well. Exploitation You won't find any place to enjoy Lineage2 that matches our zero exploitation policy. Cheating is actively monitored by scripts and staff alike. Every line of code has been examined and modified by our team, and we welcome you to test out just how good we really are. Customization We understand that Lineage2, and what you love about it, is why you choose to play the game. We invite you to try out some of our updates, as we have implemented some changes that we feel you will enjoy just as much. We wanted to bring you the same version of Lineage 2 that you so love, while adding our own touches without altering the original integrity of the game. We have fixed countless errors with source code and spent many hours testing and re-testing skill success rates, damage calculations, etc. We have made changes to some existing features and skills based on Oficial Lineage2 Patch notes (H5, classic, etc), which you can find in the F.A.Q section, that we feel are more up to date. The goal of this server is to pick troughs from Korean Live Servers and apply them here, keeping the server nature of a Medieval/Fantasy World RPG, so we won't will make a identical copies of the the updates (mainly because some of them weren't well received by the population) this could be considered "customized". We will keep this as close to live C5/Interlude and H5 servers as possible, but with some personalization. The additions of our own creation should not change or affect the natural order of the Lineage2 we all love. Staff Presence We have devised a system that will reward everyone if a bug or exploit is found. We understand the extreme imbalance caused by the aforementioned situations, and that will not be something we participate in. On that note, this is also something we take very seriously. Any exploitation discovered by our staff, and we assure you it will be, will be handled in a very timely fashion. This is not a server that is put up and forgotten about. You will see staff activity daily. We have entirely too much time invested in this project to let hacking and cheating ruin our gameplay. To communicate with our gms in-game you can use /petition command. We understand the group of people who still enjoy Lineage2 shrinks every day. Keeping this in mind, if you have an issue, situation, idea, or anything that you feel that deserves our attention, we are here for you! Visit our Suggestion Box with your feedback. We have several members of our staff, and everyone has their own area of expertise. You will be able to find help, explanation, or solution for whatever you feel needs addressed. It is the player base that makes Lineage2 what it is, and we appreciate everyone who decides to come and experience what we have created for you to enjoy! Thank you very much for your time and support, The Khanda Staff
  16. Hello, Do you think a beta server will open before the official launch ? Thx, BR
  17. Hey Everyone! Today, we`ve decided to move the release date of Sikh 3x Server by 20 Days. The new release date is December 10th. The biggest challange for us right now is shipping the server with rigth quality and the ways to self sustain without force too much our pockets and yours . As you know we also developed something totaly new, not like the outdated L2OFF and the gliched L2j, we are using moder concepts, like a refatoring of the L2 emulation server. we need to make sure everting works well an smoothly. We`re aware it might seem unrealistic when someone says tat 20 days can make any difference, but they really do. Most Likely, there are many questions inour heads, so, first and foremost, please visite our discussion topic to get know more about this project We feel we have an amazing server on our hands, that may revive the original lineage2 ,and are willing to make every decision, even the hardest ones, if it untimately leads to you getting a server you`ll fall in love with. Cheers!
  18. Hello @pdraw1 nice to see you around here, thanks a lot for your support. We are thinking of 2 boxes for a PC, limit by IP is quite difficult those days because of IPV6 Tunnels, for example, an entire neighborhood could have the same IPv4 (IP protocol supported too if I limit by 2 someones will not be able to play or log a second box. We still looking for a way to work around this fragile point in this game, that is the grinding, some people will play with all boxes they can to go up front. The monetization of the server will be strongly based on Premium Account with a small boost of the exp/drop capabilities, we will also sell accessories with appearances and the services like color nicks, title, change sex, name, and clan name. In the late game, nobless access will also be sellable but will be in the future when the server population is already mature and with a lot of old players or old characters, we will also intermediate character sealing to avoid frauds and cheats with a small fee. Well, that is not an incentivization but we know ppl may will do that in the same way. We still open to suggestions and opinions to create a more reliable server. Is our intention to enable a chart in our website to provide how long we can keep the server with current donations.
  19. Already voted What aboute the daaaateess ? : p
  20. That's is a really good point! We are discusing that aspects here, you are welcome to join us at
  21. Hello, Be carreful with the boxes, it can kill a server. Any dates to announce ? Thx
  22. That is a very good idea. The concept of a progressive gameplay combined with a low rating xp/adena/questing is quite interesting. How many boxes will be avaible for an individual IP? How will the donate system work and wich benefits will it provide?
  23. Hello, thanks and welcome back to Khanda! We intend to keep advertising on main platforms, and for sure a lot of organics advertise with our players, we will reformulate the streamer program and include a new vote system soon. Our goal is to administrate the donations and all incoming to balance between server costs and advertisements. Last time we put a lot of effort into infrastructure that was not used as expected and the advertising was not effective enough. To make this project reliable we need at least 1k players active, note that is not average online, but unique person active in the game. Yes, we agree, but if no one does someone must do, we love this game, we really want to get back all these players that lost the hope due to many projects (even the official) that ruin the game. We must believe in that, that why we still working on.
  24. Its sounds amazing! Congratulations for this project. I posted it in my community, to share your project with ppl that may be interested in https://www.facebook.com/tabernadotaurin/ I have some personal questions: How do you pretend to aquire players to this project? Today, is very hard to keep servers that do not follow certain pattern? We are in 2020 do you still belive that we have ppl interested in play an MMORPG (trully RPG) as you propose?
  25. Awnsering a question that came from our facebook, from a user that don't wanna be identified: "How long will remain each chapter?" The short awnser is, we don't know, Our community that will dictate the pace of that journey, although we want to explore as much of each content as possible. "Are there more things being planned?" Yes, we haven't released everything yet, just what you already know, we have many plans and good ideas for this server. We are experienced RPG players, we will certainly bring a lot of cool things to make the game even more immersive for you.
  26. Hello noble adventurers, I would like to share with you our first draft of how we are going to conduct the khanda 3x progressively. Our main objective is to create a server for experienced players and bring players who have never had contact with the game to experience an immersive, dynamic world full of stories and fantasies. Server info: Brief server description EXP - x3 SP - x2 Adena - x1 Drop - x2 chance Spoil - x2 chance SealStone - x2 Raid EXP - x1 Raid Drop - x1 Sever Features: The classic version of the game, the spirit of the Middle Ages, and the conciseness of the L2 world are preserved! Server Rate: Compared to other chronicles, they are gradually decreasing A fair balance of 31 classes and 5 races (without Kamael and Ertheia) Hardcore character development, maximum level - 80 Game client from Classic, stable and optimized Classical economics, craft from D to S grade Olympiad Require Nobless Status. Rewards and daily tasks No continent Gracia, seamless medieval world Party raids with looking for group system Obtaining 1,2,3 class, sub-class, or noblesse - requires completing the full quest. Instance, party, and solo raids with looking for group system. We will do this in 6 Chapters, and we would like to open this here with you so that you can give your opinion and give feedback. Any question ? Would you like to sugest something?
  27. Massa! Aguardando ansiosamente!
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